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  • Offer Valid: 03/13/2021 - 12/31/2021
    Buoy Local App from Bangor Savings Bank

    Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce members can now participate in the Buoy Local Mobile Phone Application and rewards program. 

    To date, we have over 1200 locally owned, independent businesses participating in the Buoy Local program. The program has generated over 3 million dollars in sales that have stayed in Maine and New Hampshire to support the local economy, not a big box or national brand. Our end-users of the program grow every day and soon all Bangor Savings Bank debit cardholders will have a Buoy Local card (130,000).


    A few links with you:


    Buoy Local Brand/Overview Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRSH5AAObI4#action=share

    Buoy Local How-to Video: https://buoylocal.com/how-it-works/

    Buoy Local Directory (you can choose a Community from the drop-down menu, to see the businesses in that area): https://buoylocal.com/directory/

    Buoy Local Website: https://buoylocal.com/


    Try to look at the program as a tangible, quantifiable marketing tool for business, and do not ask for any type of contract with this service. From a procedural standpoint, the Buoy Local Card is accepted just like a MasterCard. There is no need for additional hardware, software, or a start-up fee of any sort to process the Buoy Local cards. Businesses would receive payment and it is deposited into the account of your choosing within 24 hours of the transaction (except for weekends and holidays).


    Processing with us is not a prerequisite, as it would narrow our offerings and not support our communities across the state. The only fee you incur is the regular MasterCard interchange that you already pay through your credit card machine. Set up takes about 5 minutes either in person or online.


    Again, at this point, the only fee a merchant would incur would be the regular MasterCard interchange that is being paid for each credit card transaction. If there is ever a fee, there would be a 60-day notice and with no contract, a business can request to not be part of the program at any time. At the earliest, we will see a fee in April of 2021. A few things that are included in the program:


    •    Being a part of the Buoy Local Coalition app (a digital marketing platform that gives our independent, Maine and New Hampshire owned businesses the ability to compete with the big box, national stores) and market to new customers in Maine and New Hampshire or who visit Maine and New Hampshire.

    •    The consistent digital presence of businesses on the Buoy Local app (whether visitors are using their cards or not);

    •    The geofencing and promotional library abilities within the app;

    •    The merchant dashboard within the app that allows you to track sales, demographics, customize offers, and market directly to new and repeat customers;

    •    The 1% loyalty points that are immediately delivered to each consumer when they spend their money locally, with you.

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