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  • Membership Benefits

  • Have you ever thought, "Why should I invest in a Chamber of Commerce membership?"  Or, even wondered what a Chamber of Commerce is and what it does?

    The Chamber is an organization that unites business and professional leaders and firms, thus creating a central agency that lends itself to improving business and promoting a better community. More importantly, the Chamber is made up of people . . . people just like you. They are people who realize that through the Chamber, they can accomplish collectively what no one of them can do individually.

    Now, think to yourself, "What would the Seacoast be like without a Chamber of Commerce?" There would be reduced efforts to attract new customers to your business, decreased help to small businesses, limited networking and cost effective advertising opportunities, and the absence of a collective group of business owners/leaders who have achieved real bargaining power. Those are just a few of the ways that the NH Seacoast would be poorer without the efforts of the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce. The real strength of the Chamber lies in the number of members who create a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, energy, and finances.

    The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce is a TOTAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION. We work hard to keep things simple in a complex world. We listen to our members and take quick action to help resolve problems. The Chamber is in business, too . . . the business of providing services to our members that are meaningful in terms of their businesses and their daily business realities. Our members are essentially "shareholders" who have invested in the Chamber and realize a definite return on their investment. As a member, you are buying the many benefits the Chamber provides, which can mean a competitive edge for your business. We have a collective and accessible pool of talent ready to address your priority concerns as they occur, and committees hard at work meeting the community's needs.

    Not only does the Chamber address business concerns and priorities, but also as a total community development organization, the Chamber strives for a better community environment: fair taxes, quality government representation, adequate energy resources, efficient transportation systems, quality education, and cultural amenities.

  • Chamber Benefits and Services

  • Increased business & name recognition through committee & community volunteer work.

    Increased business credibility
    Decal displayed to show membership.

    Business referrals lead to increased revenue

    Lodging referral system
    Major benefit for all hotel, motel, & cottages. Year round referrals and from the beach welcome center during the summer season.   Lodging Info

    Display of members promo material at Beach Welcome Center
    This is a valuable tool for businesses that need to reach the tourists.

    Certificates of Origin
    Benefits Manufacturing businesses who ship overseas.

    Weblinks & website listings
    This is a primary benefit for most businesses.

    Mailing list
    Available at no charge for all paid up members.

    Monthly electronic / quarterly hardcopy mailed newsletters

    • All new members can have a intro article.
    • Over 700 e-newsletters each month
    • All members can send in news articles about their business.
    • Newsletter inserts are good way to advertize (member produces 550 inserts- insertion fee $90).

    Promotional publications: Visitor Guide & Calendar of Events
    Ad space is sold in these two publications (30,000 copies are printed of each publication and distributed through the Northeast & Canada). Visitor Guide

    Resource Information
    Chamber can act as a resource for members looking for connections or information.

    Business After Hours
    Monthly events, well attended. Held at a member’s local place of business that can accommodate a large gathering. Good way to meet other members in a casual setting. A great way to become known.

    Ability to post employment opportunities on chamber website
    Benefits all members looking for help. Only Members will be allowed to post an employment ad on chamber page. We will use Social Media to drive public to chamber website. Job Opportunities

    A.M. Chamber Connection Networking
    To be held once a month at a member’s place of business. This is a Small group format. Limited from 25 to 35 people (you will have to register beforehand) gives you the ability to get to know members on a personal basis.

    Cost effective advertising

    • Ad space in the Newsletter.
    • Rolling TV ads at our beach office
    • Ad space in our semiannual Membership Directory
    • Ad space on our Web Site.
    • Opportunities for sponsorships at a number of Chamber events (Seafood Festival, Toast to the coast, Golf tournaments, Business After Hours, AM Connection, Children’s Festival, Annual Dinner, Etc.)

    Ribbon Cuttings & Open House Events

    Member to Member Discount Program
    View Discounts Here