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  • Seafood Festival Workers

  • The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival is looking for general laborers for this year’s Seafood Festival. This year’s festival runs September 6, 7, & 8, we are looking for people to work from 9/3/19 thru 9/11/19. Jobs will include set up of the festival, during the festival, and then break down of the festival. Most days there will be 2 shifts early morning to early afternoon and a later one early afternoon to evening. This is a temporary job.
    The hourly rate will range from $11 to $15  Per Hour
    You will have to fill out an Application along with a IRS I-9 form and a W-2  
    For more information, please contact Rusty Bridle at the Chamber of Commerce
    by email rusty@hamptonchamber.com                                                   
    or phone: 603-926-8718 ext 103

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